Infrared detection card ($92)

Infrared detection card with detection range 750nm-2130nm

The infrared detection card can convert invisible light into visible light. The application is to realize the detection, identification, and calibration of invisible light. The infrared detection card can also be called an infrared detection card, infrared laser detection card, laser viewing cards, and laser Beam Visualizers. The detection wavelength range of the infrared detection card is 750nm-2130nm, and the active region is 56x35mm.

Damage threshold reference: 2000nm laser, input diameter 5mm, power 7W, bubbles appear in the detection card.


The advantage of laser viewing cards:

-Cheap and cost-effective;

-Wide range of detection wavelengths;

-Strong and durable, with good moisture resistance;

-Easy to operate;

-large sensitive area;

测试条件 1550nm, 5mW

The parameter of an Infrared laser detection card:

Emission Wavelength Range750-2130nm
Active region(mm)56x35mm
Luminous colorred
Minimum Emission minimum stimulation (CW)2μw/cm2(@808nm)





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