Metallic Optical Elements Processing Workshop

The Optical Elements Processing Workshop of Zok Optics was established in 2010, with more than 10 engineers at now. The workshop covers an area of 500 square meters. The main production  facility currently in the workshop includes Single point diamond ultra precision lathes and coating equipment.


(Nanotech 250 UPL Single point diamond lathe: Surface roughness of machined components can reach nanometer level)

The main production processes of the Metallic Optical Elements Processing Workshop are CNC single point diamond turning. The main testing equipment: surface profiler, white light interferometer, reading micrometer, microscope and UA3P three-dimensional measuring instrument.


(White light interferometer:Non-contact measurement、Nanoscale resolution、the measurement range of surface height is 1 nm to 200μm)

(UA3P three-dimensional measuring instrument: A high-precision, high-efficiency, and highly reliable measuring instrument that integrates optical, mechanical, electronic, and computer image processing technologies)

Zok Optics Workshop has a certain professional production capacity, mainly processes and produces optical components such as Off-axis Parabolic Mirrors (OAP), Hollow Retroreflectors and Reflective Optical Fiber Collimator. Monthly supply capacity 1000 pieces/optical element. The customer groups of Zok Optics include Universities, scientific research institutes, and equipment manufacturers.


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